Wednesday 6 May 2015

Winter Reindeer - Finished!

Hello everyone, exciting news - I have finished my reindeer!  

It has taken me a year to do, but I didn't really touch it between September and December as I was making Christmas cards.  I am going to make it into a cushion evetually.  Might need my Mother-in-Law's help with that as I'm not sure how to go about it.  

Now on to the next project - Bamboo Fan.  I have already sorted my threads and copied the chart so I can mark it off as I go.  I might make a start tonight.  The sooner I get it done the sooner I can start Treasure Hunt Bookshelf.  I have ordered my material for that already!

I do have another project to complete before July, I am making a small wedding sampler for my Husband's cousin to give as a gift at a wedding she is going to.  I'm waiting for the fabric to arrive for that and I need to modify the chart I'm using. 

Thanks for visiting and see you all soon!


  1. Wow fantastic finish! It's so pretty, good luck with your other stitching projects and finishing this one as a cushion.

  2. Beautiful finish! It would make a lovely cushion.

  3. Your reindeer is gorgeous,
    Tell me, are the music notes preprinted or stitched? They look so delicate it's hard to tell!

    1. They're stitched, and very fiddly they were too!

  4. He is fabulous. Great Job! x


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