Monday 23 May 2016

Final IHSW update

Hello stitchers, just a quick update from me, here's where I got to last night:

I did get my 2 rows complete although I ha to frog a bit.  The dreaded frog has visited several times this weekend where I've used completely the wrong colour and had to do it again.  As you all know, trying to unpick confetti on a 25 count HAED is difficult to say the least.  I had to resort to my stitch ripper.  Note to self - you do not know all the symbols in the key off by heart, double check before you start!


  1. I can't believe how fast you're moving on this...frogging or not!

  2. That's still excellent progress and it's looking wonderful. Boo hiss to all frogs!

  3. Nice progress again, but sorry that the frog visited. It must be a pain to frog over one stitching ...


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