Monday 20 June 2016

IHSW and WIPocalypse June

IHSW and Wipocalypse have fallen aroud the same time so I'm combining my posts.

Our question this month is are you more productive in summer or winter? I would say more productive in Winter as if the weather is good I'd rather take advantage and get out and about.  However, this year I have vowed to stitch every day, even if it's only a couple of stitches and so far so good!

I've been working on Treasure Hunt Booskshelf again - no surprise there!

Here's where I was at the end of May when you last saw it with 13 pages complete.

I now have another page finish and 98,000 stitches done. That's a third complete!

I also have progress (at last!) on Bamboo Fan.  I have decided to work on this on Tuesdays.

I finished all the greenery on the left and the yellow flowers.  This week I intend to finish the pink flowers on the left then that side will be done.  Apart from the metallic and backstitch which I'll do at the end.  

Finally I have a couple of things to show you that I bought at my son's school summer fayre on Friday.  The weather wasn't great but we had fun anyway.

I bought a sunglasses case and a little storage bag.  Look at the tiny charm and the shells - so cute! I'm going to use it to put my orts in.  Maybe I'll join in TUSAL next time!

These are by a lovely lady called Jo Melton and her company is The Seaside Sew.  She also had the most beautiful beach bags and purses.  I have told my husband that I want one of her purses for my birthday.  She will make them to order with whatever colours you want and they are big enough to hold a phone and have a detachable handle - very handy on holiday I'm thinking.

That's all from me for now, I may not get much done next week as we have Sports Day on Tuesday, inset day on Friday and my husband will be off to the Goodwood Festival of Speed for the weekend.  I'll be entertaining our son for 3 days straight, here's hoping the weather is good and then we can get out of the house and to the beach or the allotment!


  1. The progress on your bookshelf is wonderful!!!! And those bags are lovely!!!!

  2. Beautiful progress! I love watching this one come to life :)

  3. Great progress on your bookshelf! Glad to see you've found some time for Bamboo Fan as well. Very pretty!

  4. Great progress on both your projects. They are huge and certainly a lot of fun to stitch.


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