Tuesday 3 January 2017

WIPocalypse January 2017

Good morning everyone and Happy New Year to you all!  It's WIPocalypse time again.

Our topic this month is to introduce ourselves, our projects and our stitching goals for the year.

I'm Claire, I live in Hampshire on the south coast of the UK.  I'm married and we have a 9 year old son and a diabetic cat.  I work part time and am secretary of my son's school PTA.  Work has been a bit of a nightmare lately as the pharmacy I work in was sold to another company in September.  It's taking a lot of getting used to but hopefully things will calm down now Christmas is out of the way.

I am more of a one at a time stitcher but I seem to have found myself with 3 WIPs, one of which is in danger of turning into a UFO if I don't get back to it soon.

I have Bamboo Fan which is the one I've neglected.  I really want to get this done this year.

The next is Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by HAED.  Here's where I am at the moment.

I've just started page 29 of 45.  There's one more row of complete pages then the bottom row is all partial pages.  I hope to have this finished by September. It's 1 over 1 full cross on 25 count magic guide evenweave.

My new start on January 1st was Evil Queen Storykeep by HAED and I'm doing this for their Facebook group challenge which is to finish a page by April. I'm doing this 2 over 1 tent on 28 count evenweave.  
I've had a couple of days off work and have done quite a lot, helped by the fact that it's tent and there's not a lot of confetti in this bit of the chart.

So my goals for 2017 are:
1.  Fully finish storykeep Forest Walk
2. Fully finish Pretty Little Hong Kong
3. Finish stitching Bamboo Fan
4. Fully finish Treasure Hunt Bookshelf
5. Fully finish Evil Queen
6. Start another HAED - probably mini Light in the Dark or mini The Ranger
7. Start Bothy Threads Kings and Queens which I got for Christmas
8. Make some mini Christmas stockings from Cross Stitcher magazine

I will be starting on the Kings and Queens kit in March as there is a SAL in Stitch Maynia that this fits into.  I will not be starting another HAED until I've finished Treasure Hunt Bookshelf and at least one other WIP. The stockings I'll do through the year as the mood takes me.  There will probably be a few other smalls in there too for cards.  I would like to end the year with 2 WIPs - whichever HAED I decide to do next and Kings and Queens.

Well that's all from me for now, looking forward to seeing everyone else's progress!


  1. Great to visit you and see your goals for the Wipocalypse. Love your bookshelf and bamboo fan too. Bonne année ! xxx


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