Thursday 27 August 2015

IHSW August - part 2

Hello again stitchers!  I nearly forgot to post my 2nd IHSW update but here it is better late than never!  I've been doing some different days at work this week so I think that's what's thrown me.  I only worked on Pretty Little Hong Kong.  My supposed rotation is not rotating very much.  perhaps I have actually turned into a serial starter!  I intend to finish PLHK before I go back to anything else.  I keep looking at it and thinking there's not much to do. It would be nice to have it finished before the end of the school holidays as it was meant to be a holiday project.  Not sure how realistic that goal is as I'm working most of this bank holiday weekend!

Here's where I was at the end of the last weekend

And here's where I am now

The top half is finished, just the bottom to go.

Happy stitching until next time!


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