Saturday 12 September 2015

Wedding Sampler

Hello everyone, I've realised I never blogged the wedding sampler I made for my Husband's cousin.  She asked me to stitch something for her to give as a gift at a wedding they were going to in August.  I didn't want to post it before the big day and then forgot all about it!  So here it is at last.

It was a nightmare to do, she didn't want anything too big so I had to rechart the picture that she liked to make it smaller.  It took me a while to get the border to line up properly.  It also has silver metallic thread which I hate stitching with. It made the finished picture a non standard shape so in lieu of her reimbursing me for the materials I let her have the pleasure of framing it!

Here's the original chart in the magazine it came from.

Has anyone spotted the mistake in it?  There is a flower in the top right corner that isn't finished.  Luckily I noticed before I handed it over!  If you notice any more I don't want to know!!

Happy Stitching x


  1. I can't see any mistakes - it looks perfect to me! Next time let them give vouchers as a gift!


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