Tuesday 19 April 2016

IHSW update

Hello everyone, I'm a bit late, sorry about that but work gets in the way.

Once again I've only worked on Treasure Hunt Booskshelf.  Here's where I started on Friday.

And here's where I finished on Sunday.

There is still some Kreinik not done in the top right hand corner, I hate stitching with that stuff so I can only do a couple of lengths at a time!  Apologies the pictures aren't brilliant, it's getting too big to take a decent photo.  I'll try and do better for WIPocalypse at the weekend.


  1. Great progress! Everytime I think about starting one of those bookshelves, I start to panic a bit because of their size, but then I see progress like yours and I get really jealous!

  2. The pictures might not be brilliant but your stitching surly is. How long have you been working on bookshelf? I've decided to try my hand at a haed - A Stitch In Time. At the moment I'm just gathering supplies, but do you have any advice you'd like to pass along?

    1. I've been doing it since 20th December last year and I'm trying to average 500 stitches a day in the hopes of completing it in under 2 years. However, there is a lot of confetti in the next row of pages down so I may not meet my target! I thought I would get bored with it but every new page is like a new start. My first HAED was a storykeep, I found it useful to start with something smaller as I was quite intimidated by the size of my bookshelf! Also I did a test 10x10 square of 1 over 1 full cross and 2 over 1 tent to see which coverage I liked best. There's a Facebook group for HAED which is helpful and of course I follow lots of blogs too.

  3. Your progress is amazing! I've never done an HAED, but I hope to start my first one in about a month--when I am able to get my supplies.

  4. What a fabulous stitch! Well done on almost completing the top row, and thanks for sharing your tips above.


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