Friday 22 April 2016

WIPocalypse April Check In

Hello everyone, it's Wipocalypse time again.  This is hosted by Melissa of Measi's Musings.

Here's where I was last time

And here's where I am today

I've made some great progress since last time, I'm really pleased.  I now have 8 pages complete - 6 across the top row and 2 on the next.  I'm well into page 7 on the top and hope to have it done by the end of the weekend.  

I have a confession to make, HAED have a sale on with 50% off their charts, 5 new charts have found their way into my basket!  Not sure when I'll have time to stitch them, I am determined not to start anything large and new before Bamboo Fan is finished and I haven't picked that up since before Christmas.  One of my goals is to finish it this year so I really should work on it at least one day a week.  Here's what I've bought.
Mini The Gift
Storykeep Evil Queen
Mini A Light in the Dark
Mini The Ranger

The Nativity
A bit of a Lord of the Rings theme going on with my purchases but it's one of my favourites so why not treat myself.

Our question this month is 'What do you listen to while stitching?' (via Jo)

I have the TV on in the background and glance up every now and again to look at the screen.  I tend to binge on box sets.  Today while stitching I have watched an episode each of Scandal and The Good Wife that I recorded yesterday and last night's Masterchef.  Then I moved on to DVDs of Game of Thrones season 5, I'm watching the episodes again with the commentaries.  I also love Grey's Anatomy, The West Wing, House, ER, Boston Legal.  I can happily watch all of them over and over.  My husband has a large collection of DVD films so I'm never short of something to watch.  If all else fails there's the craft channel or Radio 2.

That's all from me for today, I'm going back to carry on with more of page 7!


  1. Wow! Seeing your progress on Bookshelf is so inspiring it makes me want to start Aimee's "A Stitch In Time" chart right now! Unfortunately I still need to save up for the floss kit from HAED. If it wasn't for the 50% off sale I'd have the money right now, but instead I ended up buying 6 new charts. Yea, me bad. ;-) And I can see the buying bug bit you too by the looks of your new STASH haul. Here's to more binge watching and stitching!!!!

  2. Absolutely fantastic progress! Nice haul, too. I got a few, but I might have to go back for The Gift.

  3. That is some progress! It looks amazing. You deserved a treat after all your hard work!

  4. Wow, your progress this month is really amazing. Way to go! I was naughty at the sale as well. Love your LoTR picks. I've got a few of those on my wish list too. :)

  5. Wow so much progress! It's gorgeous! I love your new charts too I completely forgot to post mine!

  6. I just added your purchases to my "wish list" yesterday. Now I'm more motivated than ever to purchase them. ;0)

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You are set to noreply-comment so I can't send you an email.

  8. Wow, you made some great progress on your HAED project. It looks gorgeous. And I think some new stash is always in order, lol.

  9. Your bookshelf is looking great =) I did my best not to buy charts this year because I have so many in my stash, but I just couldn't resist 50% off :D I love the LotR charts you got and hope you will stitch one of them soon =)

  10. Great progress on your bookshelf.
    The artwork the HAED use is gorgeous but as I'd never stitch one I do save a lot of money!

  11. I think we were all bad during that HAED sale! Congrats on your new acquisitions!

  12. Claire, wonderful progress - so gratifying for you to see.


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